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Oofuri translate in spanish.

Hello. I would like translate: ookiku furikabutte, in spanish, can i? Thank you. I hope your answer.
First, I realized I never linked to aflyingteapot's chapter 102 summary/translation here. So if you haven't already seen it, it's edited/posted on the [community profile] oofuri Dreamwidth comm: Chapter 102 summary/translation

Second, we're organizing a communal read-through/re-read of the manga on the Dreamwidth comm! So I am here to cross-promote that.

oofuri manga read-through at oofuri.dreamwidth.org

We'll be doing one volume every two weeks. Community members can sign up to host a volume and will make posts containing plot summaries, screencaps, trivia, translation issues, cultural tidbits, or anything else they care to include. Then all community members will be welcome to read along and join in discussion by sharing their own thoughts in the comments. Or if people just want to follow along silently, that's cool too!

If you'd like to sign up to host a volume, many are still available, and sign-ups are here! Right now we're taking sign-ups for the first 10 volumes. You can also sign up in pairs/groups or split up one volume into several chapters for people to host if you'd like.

You don't need a Dreamwidth account to participate in the read-through, and are welcome to comment anonymously or signed in through OpenID using your LiveJournal account, but if you would like to host a volume you'll need a Dreamwidth account.


Oofuri interview translated

This is a small Q&A corner to Oofuri author Higuchi Asa that was published in Afternoon together with chapter 100 as celebration.

A gazillion thanks to herongale for these scans!!
 photo interview1_zps19a4bb8d.jpg  photo interview2_zps71694d6a.jpg
(click thumbnail for full size)

EnjoyCollapse )

Chapter 101 summary

aflyingteapot has done a summary translation for chapter 101 and it is posted on my Dreamwidth here!

Looking for translators :>


Erm, first, I've been getting lots of very kind messages. I can't respond to everyone but thank you all for the support. *clings*

We're looking for translators for the next few chapters (ch94 and onwards). Our current translator is very busy at the moment so if you're willing to help, just send me a message or a comment below. Thank you!

Oofuri Chapter 93 - Scanlation

Got the amazing aflyingteapot to provide the translations. ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ
Thank you!

- - -


To conform with the community rules, I'll be locking the previous download posts to members-only. In the future, I'll leave the latest post public then lock it as soon the next release comes.

Those who don't wish to have an account can still access the dl links in my journal.

Thank you for understanding! <3

- - -

Download Chapter 93
Mediafire | 4shared

Oofuri chapter 100

Chapter 100 is out! aflyingteapot has provided a translation which is posted on my journal here. Enjoy! :)

Oofuri 60 and 61 Scanlation

Random Scanlations and AmberLovePj still trucking along with...

Ookiku Furikabutte Chapter 60
Ookiku Furikabutte Chapter 61
Or Read with Random Scanlations Online Reader

I continue to go slower than hoped getting back into the scanlatings. One of these days I may need to realize I'm an adult-ish-like-thing perhaps now and don't have time for this translation business. Luckily it is a realization I intend to go toward kicking, screaming, and possibly clawing with resistance...

Oofuri friending meme!

Hi! aflyingteapot said I could post this here. :3 I am pretty new to Oofuri fandom and wanted to try meeting more people, so I thought I'd make a friending meme for everyone!

How long have you been an Oofuri fan?:
Manga, anime, or both? How far have you read/watched?:
Favorite character(s)?:
Favorite ship(s)?:
What kinds of Oofuri things do you post/make/do?: (e.g. fic, art, cosplay, squeeful comments, compulsive tumblr reblogging, rewatching episodes continuously alone in your bedroom...)
What kinds of other things do you post about?:
How much of your LJ/DW is public/flocked?:
Other fandoms:
Main places you can be found? or other less-main places too if you want: (e.g. LJ, DW, tumblr, twitter, AO3, FF.net, YouTube...)
Are you looking for something particular in new Oofuri friends?: (e.g. writing buddies, squee buddies, someone who posts a lot of pictures on tumblr, etc.)
Rec something (or many things!) Oofuri-related:
Anything else?:

Copy/paste into comment, and you can delete the "e.g." stuff in parentheses, I just gave them as examples. Also if you want to omit/alter/add any questions, go ahead:

Anyway, hello comm!

Oofuri Chapter 58 Scanlations

Random Scanlations and Amber Love PJ present...

Ookiku Furikabutte Chapter 58 or Read With Random Scanlations Online Reader

Gosh it as been forever and a day! Sorry about the wait guys. m(_ _)m Issues on both RS's end and mine (mostly mine methinks ^_^;) made this slow in coming, but here it is!

If anyone was wondering at the stall in the summary/script translations of the more recent chapters as well and hadn't popped their head into my journal to check what's up, the start of grad school and other Things About Life put pretty much next to everything I do to a screeching halt. I'm feeling a little more adjusted and freer now and maybe able to pick some things back up again...but I also seem to be saying that every few weeks or so and, well, you can see how much translating that's helped me get done the last few months ^_^; But here's hoping, and also hoping that everyone can keep a place in their heart for our boys, because one pace or another, I'll keep up my translations when I can!


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